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Cash & Liquidity Management
Finely Tuned Investment Strategies

Spotify’s diversified - and now award-winning - approach to investment helps shield its cash from market volatility.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Feeling the Squeeze

Corporate treasurers are starting to feel the heat in their cash management policies as heightened inflation levels persist.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Finding Value for Corporate Cash: Short-term Investments Under the Microscope

Low interest rates, the pandemic, and potential regulation have put pressure on the investment instruments that treasurers rely on for cash management.

Cash & Liquidity Management
Spotify’s Greatest Hits

Cash Investment Management With a subscription revenue model helping to enhance its cash flow forecasting, Spotify is able to manage a diversified investment portfolio through its treasury team and external asset management. Niklas Muhrbeck, Head of Financial Market...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Staying Positive in a Negative World: How Does Your Cash Strategy Compare?

With responses gathered from 346 senior cash investors around the world, representing a combined cash balance of approximately USD 1 trillion, the latest J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity Investment PeerView survey provides a unique opportunity for corporate treasurers to...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Hitting the Sweet Spot: Macro Uncertainty and the Ultra-Short Solution

In the current uncertain macro environment, it is tempting for treasurers to hunker down in their short-term investment comfort zone, namely money market funds (MMFs). Nevertheless, if they are prepared to step out into an ultra-short-duration strategy, investors can...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Money Market Fund Makeover Innovation in Short-Term Investments

The doom-mongering around money market fund regulation has now stopped. Instead, talk has moved on to low interest rates, credit quality, digital investment channels, and the rise of environmental, social and governance investment criteria. Treasurers are also...

Cash & Liquidity Management
The Return of Returns: Cash is Back

Central banks across the globe have varying approaches to monetary policy, but the general direction of travel, until recently, had been the same: one of tightening. When the shape of the yield curve changes, treasurers must be prepared to respond. Jim Fuell, Head of...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Key Themes for Treasurers During 2019

With the New Year celebrations now firmly behind us, Jim Fuell – Head of Global Liquidity Sales, International at J.P. Morgan Asset Management – gets back down to business by tackling some of the most important strategic challenges facing corporate treasurers over...

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Introducing the Winners – 2018 Awards for Innovation and Excellence

Against a backdrop of continual change – from disruptive technologies to new regulations and geopolitical challenges – transaction banks and treasury vendors continue to innovate on behalf of their clients. As this year’s high-quality submissions demonstrate,...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Optimising Liquidity When Interest Rates Are Rising: Three Key Steps

A rising rate environment can be a challenge even for the most sophisticated fixed income investor. And even though treasurers know further rate hikes are on the cards, they may happen more swiftly than some...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Short-term Investments: Making Sense of the Shake-up

As the implementation date for the new European Money Market Fund (MMF) rules approaches, it is time to cut through the noise around the new regulation, says Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen, Head of Product Development, International, Global Liquidity, J.P. Morgan Asset...

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J.P. Morgan Asset Management Platform Now Offering Real-time Direct Connection to SAP Treasury Management

The solution offers customers a real-time dashboard to invest, a single access point for operations, and enhanced risk management controls.

Philip Annecke Joins J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Global Liquidity EMEA Sales Team

Annecke will be responsible for leading the growth and development of JPMAM’s global liquidity offering in Germany and Austria. 

J.P. Morgan Asset Management partners with Calastone to power Money Market Funds

J.P. Morgan Asset Management has partnered with Calastone to introduce new levels of automation to money market funds via its “Morgan Money” trading platform.

J.P. Morgan 2019 Global Liquidity PeerView Survey Reveals Demand for Money Market Funds Remains Strong in Late-Cycle, as Focus on ESG Increases

J.P. Morgan has released the 2019 Global liquidity PeerView Survey revealing that even in an evolving market, demand for money market funds is still strong. 

J.P. Morgan to Establish an Electronic Foreign Exchange (FX) Trading and Pricing Engine in Singapore

J.P. Morgan has scheduled the launch of an FX trading and pricing engine in Singapore which allows clients to conduct FX transactions based on their location.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management appoints Julia Kozlowska to Global Liquidity EMEA sales team

Based in London, Kozlowska will be responsible for business development with JPMAM’s UK Corporate clients.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management appoints new EMEA Head of Investment Specialists for Global Liquidity

JPMAM has appointed Jemma Clee as an Executive Director and Head of Investment Specialists for Global Liquidity in EMEA, with immediate effect.

J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity announces timeline for intended European MMF changes

The new regulations require providers to make a number of changes to their funds in terms of structure, composition, valuation, liquidity requirements and information reporting.

J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity announces intended money market fund changes in response to new European regulations

The new regulations will require providers to make a number of changes to their funds in terms of structure, composition, valuation, liquidity requirements and information reporting.

J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity PeerView survey finds yield is a key factor in asset manager selection in Asia Pacific

The survey uncovered widespread industry trends and the global money in motion in the face of rate and regulatory change.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management annual global liquidity investor survey reveals money in motion in face of European regulatory change

More than half of European liquidity investors (58%) are considering changing their investment policies to cope with the evolving regulatory environment.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management appoints new Client Advisor on the Global Liquidity EMEA sales team

Tatyana Dachyshyn will represent the Global Liquidity business, working closely with investors who have a need for a short-term fixed income investment solution.

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Cash & Liquidity Management
To Step Out or Not to Step Out? That is the Question

A TMI Webinar with Spotify and J.P. Morgan Asset Management This video is a recording of a live event that took place on Wednesday 19 May 2021 Speakers Niklas Muhrbeck, Senior Treasurer, Spotify Jemma Clee, Executive Director, Head of Investment Specialists for Global...

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To Step Out or Not to Step Out? That is the Question

Spotify’s Senior Treasurer, Niklas Muhrbeck, alongside two experts from J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Jemma Clee and Amir Mota, provides an overview of step-out strategies for corporate investors, and advice on how treasurers can incorporate them into their cash...

The Banker’s View – EuroFinance 2019

At the 2019 EuroFinance conference in Copenhagen, TMI interviewed a number of key players for an exclusive three-part edition of TreasuryCast, featuring insights into three distinctive areas in the treasury space.